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Taiwan NO.1 tap-ware OEM production on the spotlight

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Place the sand mold, automated machine sucks in liquefied metal, this is a low pressure casting furnace. Located at Lukang in Changhua, this 30 years old faucet factory has been using KWC for a decade, a low-pressure casting furnace cost millions of dollars from Switzerland. Semi-automatic production followed the Industry-4.0 Standards.

Tap-ware 2nd generation successor Tongyi Yang
"Low pressure casting machine products, from general tap-ware to industrial objects, everything can be made. It offer products with better precisions, achieving relatively high yields, or better utilization of materials and so on, there is a much higher advantage, because its structure is much denser, compared to normal casting in general, which may leaks or appears loosely intact in structure. 」

Casting tap-ware parts, must undergo one after the other airtight tests.

Tap-ware second generation successor Tongyi Yang:
"An airtight test involves sealing off the inlet and outlet, to block the both ends, then to apply air pressure into the device, to see if there areany holes. If there are bubbles coming out when placing it under water, then it represents somewhere in the middle, perhaps it's of the structure , there is a flaw in structure, or a hole . "

All tap-ware parts are tested, ensured no problems, then they can be processed. Different kinds of CNC machines are used for different types of products during polishing . From parts with tiny holes, to large beer taps, all can be polished and show the most beautiful metallic sheen.

Tap-ware 2nd generation successor Tongyi Yang
"It presents as a very high precision product, which has its surfaces processed inside out. 」

The owner insists tight QC , finest standards, but that's not enough, in order to ensure quality, even the raw materials used to produce taps, copper ingots, is also self-refined.

Tap-ware 2nd generation successor Tongyi Yang:
"This is imported from the United States. Red copper powder, its purity reaches 95% above. It is from our general electrical wires, removed the plastic, made into raw materials, with 99.995% purity imported zinc ingots, melted into what you now see, brass ingots. 」

It specifically takes OEM from advanced bathroom-ware companies abroad, exports to Europe, America, Japan and other countries. Under various standards of different nations’ lead content for taps, the Taiwanese industrial products are passed and certified, thanks to this spectrometer. Tap-ware material compositions, can be examined clearly.

ap-ware 2nd generation successor Tongyi Yang:
"Such as lead-free products, it may require to be below 0.1 or 0.2, then it can tell whether this product has achieved it or not, to meet the specification. Our job is to make sure, that our export products to those countries, are in full compliance with their requirements.

From extraction of raw materials, to plating, a one-stop producing style, each steps is strictly regulated by the industry owner, manufacturing high quality aqua-hardware products. By entering the international market, not only helps the branding of Taiwan, but further shines the top tap-ware OEM brand’s glory.









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